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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 9, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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my true self. >> reporter: it really is a family journey for every olympian. they do not do it alone. they have so much support at home and from around the world. it was emotional for kerry. we mentioned this is the last match she will play with her long time teammate misty may-treanor. kerry says you know what, i know misty's retiring but not me. i'll see you at 2016 in rio for the olympics. from kerry to another bay area standout. alex morgan, the soccer star who is a cal grad, team usa, alex morgan leading the americans against japan, the gold medal match later today. it's this evening at wembley stadium and this is the rematch of last year's world cup where japan defeated team usa so this is going to be a highly anticipated match. it should be tight, very competitive and physical from what we understand. so team usa looking forward to tonight in soccer and team usa water polo with also the
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danville stephans sisters as well. so things don't slow down in london even though gosh, i'm looking at the clock, a couple days remaining in the uk. >> it's hard to believe it's gone by so fast. it's been thrilling. >> every day has been hot. look forward to it. >> as the gold medals are handed out some gold from the athens games about to be taken back. an olympic official tells the associated press that the ioc is set to strip american cyclist tyler hamilton of his 2004 gold medal. hamilton admitted to using performance enhancing drugs during an interview last year. the gold medal will now go to the retired russian rider. american bobby julic will move up from bronze to silver. >> as raj mentioned, a big night for team usa. coming up in prime time
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coverage, the track and field gold medal finals including usain bolt going for the 200-meter final. women taking to the water forplatform diving and men's beach volleyball also that gold medal final. the coverage here on nbc bay area. kicks off at 8:00 p.m. >> back here at home, hundreds of people filing claims against chevron after thick black smoke filled the air from the refinery fire. christie smith is live where the legal problems are just beginning for chevron. >> reporter: good morning. when the big black cloud of smoke sat over the city of richmond on monday people started showing up at hospitals complaining they were having breathing problems, their eyes hurt, their throat was irritated. already over 1,000 people have contacted chevron directly about this and another 1,000 have spoken with attorneys. what we could learn today is exactly where in richmond chevron plans to set up a
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storefront center to help handle these claims. also today, more about the investigation into what caused the leak and massive fire on monday at the refinery. at least five separate investigations will look into it. there is word some repair could happen soon, possibly today or tomorrow. that would only happen after the site is declared safe. you may recall there was a small fire again yesterday. some industry experts are also saying that repairs, though, could take months. many consider chevron a real problem for the community here in richmond pointing to the fact it's the largest employer and taxpayer for the city. giving to community organizations, the mayor says that can come at a price. >> we're dealing with a lot of injustice by having this big refinery in our inner city and the benefits certainly don't outway the problems that they brought us. >> reporter: chevron set up a
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24-hour hot line to start dealing with people to compensate those who were incurred medical or property expenses because of that fire. 866-260-7881. there is information on a website. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> a suspect in the shooting death of an occupy oakland camper in november has been ordered to stand trial. the 31-year-old is charged with assault and being accessory in the beating and shooting death. this happened near the former encampment outside of city hall. mcdaniels admitted he helped attack foster and gave his gun to the man who shot the man. >> 5:06. national tragedy with a local impact. today, bay area leaders will again join the sikh community to encourage unity and tolerance. it comes after six were killed at a wisconsin temple sunday.
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several vigils were held in the bay area. the largest gathering was in san jose where people spoke about solidarity and standing up against violence, hate, and bigotry. >> you feel for them because you feel like they are your community, your family no matter where they are in the world. >> tonight congressman mike honda and council members will meet with members of the sikh community. it starts at 7:00 in san jose. >> a first-of-a-kind for emergency centers opens on the west coast. san francisco's international airport, the new marine emergency response facility will store and launch rescue and patrol boats. this will serve as a command center. san francisco mayor ed lee will be at the opening ceremonies. that all starts at 11:00 a.m. >> time to check the forecast. going to be a hot one. how are we looking?
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>> actually near record heat. good morning to you. we're so close to the weekend we want to help you make plans and stay safe with this potent heat wave that kicks into high gear today. a live look at san francisco. not a lot of fog, that's great for your morning drive. as we head throughout day, temperatures are going to be warmer than yesterday. so look at some of these. gilroy hit 99 live ear more 98. you add 5 or 6 and that's what we expect. we're starting out so mild and high pressure is going to be stronger. so 60 in concord, 60 in livermore, and i want to point this out, a spare the air day. we have unhealthy air, not just because of the refinery fire but because of particulate matter when you have high pressure in so strong, it gets compressed to the surface so we have filtered sunshine through the haze today. not at the beach. this is the place to be for the next few days.
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85 degrees at 4:00 p.m. today in santa cruz. gorgeous conditions at the beach. that translates to very hot weather inland and we don't want anybody throughout to suffer from heat exhaustion. if you want to find out about the symptoms check out my facebook page. i posted them there. when you stop sweating it's an issue. 102 inland. 86 bayside. 76 at the coast. 5:09. let's check your drive. >> we have an accident that we're following in the south bay but no major slowing on 680. we're looking at the on ramp. it may be the major effect after this accident. it's getting moved. haven't seen slowing here. we have seen slowing for 17 flew the hills, looking at allen bridge here and that is the area where there is a broken down car blocking a lane. it does sound like it's in lanes but chp hasn't told me north or
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south. the the slowing was northbound. again i'll track that over the summit. 17 further north, 880, we'll jump on that at the coliseum. 880 past the oakland coliseum north with the taillights a smooth drive with no incidents to the toll plaza. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> coming up, we all know how good michael phelps is. there's one olympic race there is no way the man can win. >> a shake-up at the top of the susan g. komen for the cure foundation. a shift in leadership.
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>> welcome back everybody on this thursday morning. a live look outside. that's the bay bridge toll plaza early in the morning. always a smooth groove. mike inouye will be along to
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tell you what's happening on the roads all over the bay area. 5:12. >> a huge shake-up at the top of the susan g. komen for the cure foundation. founder nancy brinker will be leaving her post and the president's position is also vacant this morning. marla tellez is live in the newsroom with the announcement that seemed to come out of nowhere but i bet it was in the works for some time. >> you are right the announcement would have been less surprising if it was in january when the organize faced backlash after announcing it was going to stop funding breast cancer screenings at planned parenthood. all of that criticism forced the foundation to reverse that decision. also forced the founder nancy brinker you just saw, to speak out. here's what she had to say back then. >> i've done this work for 32 years ever since i made the promise to susan komen, and i will do it as long as i live. >> fast forward and she says now she is no longer chief executive
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officer of the organization she founded 30 years ago but she is not leaving, she said she is going to focus on fundraising taking on a role as chair of the executive committee. liz thompson, the president for four years, says she's leaving next month to pursue other opportunities. that was in a statement she released which made no reference to the planned parenthood controversy. the organization feels it has, quote, moved past that, so exactly why the komen leadership is now in limbo, john, still an unanswered question. >> marla, thank you. we'll keep our eye on that. here is a question. is it too early to think of christmas? microsoft says it's hoping to fill stores in san francisco. scott, is that move to sell that tab threat >> that's right. windows 8 as well, windows phones. we can't tell you for sure if
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microsoft is going to be successful but it has new interesting products. they plan to have pop-up stores in addition to mall sotores for the holiday. the job description says you should love helping people explore all of the ways the technology can make a difference in their lives. i'll add a link to to the job application so you can take a look. google experimenting with a new search including your own gmail in the search results. so search for american airlines, this is all purely voluntary. you have to be logged in and other people don't see your gmail in their searches. shares in zynga will open under $3. its second in command left the company without further plans. zynga trading a few cents above an all-time low.
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hewlett-packard will take its biggest loss to write down the value of a company it bought. $8 billion. it stems from hp's purchase of eds. it way overpaid for it and hp has a habit of that. it bought palm for $1.2 billion, then shut the business down a couple months later at the cost of $1.5 million. if the it had done nothing, just gone to lunch that day instead, hp would have saved hundreds of millions of dollars. >> that's a tough one to swallow. >> 5:16. christina loren is here to talk about you warned us a spare the air day. it's here. >> looking at this week in hindsight will be much easier to take. it's going to be a hot, hot, day. tomorrow even hotter. i'm talking 103 degrees in places like livermore. that translates to possibly 110-degree readings in some of the bay area cities.
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today not the hottest of the heat wave. starting with a live look, oakland coliseum this morning, you can see it clearly. we have very little formation at the marine layer. a hot day with sunshine coming in early. already the sunrise here in san jose. beautiful start. a beautiful sun rise. it's going to take place as we head throughout the day today so. stick around and we'll have the shots for you throughout the morning. doing a little magic. 60 in san jose. 59 in livermore. 52 degrees to start in santa cruz. we'll take a look right now at some of the best beach cities across the bay area. you want to point out the unhealthy air quality. in the east bay it's the worst. respiratory issue, your symptoms could be aggravated. limit your outdoor exposure. run the ac. high pressure is going to make for a very hot day and hotter tomorrow. this is a big ridge. it's not just impacting us. it's impacting the entire
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western half of the united states. so you'll be hearing stories coming out nationally about our heat wave. we heard about all of the heat waves on the east and the midwest. it's our turn on the west coast. we'll see more 100s tomorrow, especially in places like gil y gilroy. i think gilroy is going to be the hottest city across the bay at 110 degrees potential think tomorrow. pacifica today, 75, a rare treat. half moon bay, at about 77 degrees. and when you're talking about 85 degrees getting close to 90 in santa cruz, it's going to be hot down there. and we are not used to that heat. so i want to make sure everybody is ready for. drink lots of water, and though it's not that cool that visor in the car, break it out. >> also the freezer section of the grocery store. excellent. we're looking here to 17 where
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we had the stall reported at the bridge. didn't get the update which direction but it doesn't matter because it's cleared from the roadway. great news. good news for the south bay. more good news for the south bay we see slowing here in north 680 approaching berryessa. talked about the traffic break. all lanes have cleared north on 680. the minor accident and no major injuries. 101 north of 680. a live look at that. we'll see how things are shaping up. the volume bumping up a tad so we have cars moving at the limit. throughout 101 up the peninsula. we'll check 880 through fremont, past the truck scales. there are the truck scales, the smooth drive. light volume both directions. this is north of mission boulevard. heading north without delay. other side of the bay, palo alto 101 past university avenue. the northbound side, easy flow all the way through san mateo and into the city.
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coming over the bay, the dumbarton. all clear. >> there is a new movie out called total recall, a remake. what about total recall of your physique. >> now you can check your body size in a 3d scanner. looks like something out of a movie but no, it's a scanner from body metrics, the first in america and it's inside a bloomingdale's at the stanford shopping center. you step inside, 16 sensors from microsoft x bok connects, it scans your body sending your results to your ipad. you can find that perfect pair of jeans now. the goal is help you shop faster and more efficiently. >> what we tried to do, doing this body mass process, you help to find that one or two jeans that are going to fit and flatter you. >> body metrics admits it took inspiration from apple and for
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privacy concerns your measurements are taken but you can choose to delete them. set up an account online or from the comfort of your home. or maybe get inspiration like i got to work out. >> does this scanner make my butt look senate 5:21. coming up, an olympic gold medalist is knocked off the popularity podium. >> the olympic sportswear. and shopping, the hottest new videos flying off the shelves in london. >> right now we'll fly you over san francisco. a live look. that is spectacular.
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>> we come together as a unit
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trying to get this gold medal. >> melo putting it in perspective for the u.s. men's basketball team. two games away from a gold medal after beating australia 119-86. kobe bryant had it going on, six three-pointers. lebron james wracks up a triple double. the team plays argentina in a semifinal game tomorrow. whoever wins plays russia or spain. the game is on sunday. it's not just the men's team going for the gold. >> no. today the u.s. women's basketball team will try to move closer to the fifth consecutive gold medal. team usa plays australia. the winner will play france or russia in saturday's gold medal game. >> good luck to them. >> for some olympic athletes the competition already is over but the olympic popularity contest completely in full swing. >> you got to rate people on
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everything. the nbc olympics site released its most clicked upon athletes. any idea? gabby douglas taking the top distinction. the profile site had more than 18 million page views. the most decorated olympian, that being michael phelps, the swimmer coming in second, he had over 7 million page views. that's because he's been around a while. gabby's new. >> and what a story, for both of them amazing. >> the athletes collect medals, gold, silver bronze, the fans now are starting to get their own collections. >> visitors will head home from the games with the hottest souvenirs. >> yeah, what they said. >> the decision was on who will
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take home the most medals but one sport, shopping. look at the stores. souvenirs are flying off the shelves across london. among the popular items, i guess anything to do with queen elizabeth. >> we have here some english tea of course. anything to do with the queen is here. >> tea set. >> wonder how they feel about that. >> other items include flags, fridge magnets, olympic maps, and mini double-decker buses. >> we have the nbc mug, maybe a queen one. raj may bring us something. >> 5:26. let's check it out with christina loren. what's your mug got on it? >> big picture of you, jon kelley. what else would there be. we're looking good today. if you're getting your mug today, fill with it a cool
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beverage. 102 degrees at 4:00. we have unhealthy air quality in the extreme east bay and that prompted a spare the air day. we want to really make sure you are aware if you suffer. we've got the seven-day outlook coming up. wait till you see it. back to you. >> i don't know if we want to. >> still ahead it started with your local grocery store, then your city, now how about california. why plastic could get bagged statewide. >> as the claims pile up the uproar heats up over the richmond refinery fire. >> we take you inside for an inside look. that's control central here. that's where all of the magic happens. a big round of applause, we love you guys. thanks for making it work.
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>> we're dealing with a lot of injustice by having this big refinery. the benefits certainly don't outweigh the problems that they
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brought us. >> richmond's biggest employer now the biggest headache as claims pile up in the wake of a refinery fire. >> and no huge surprise, we're sparing the air, likely tomorrow as well. with triple-digit heat inland. 70s at the coast. the forecast a few moments away. >> a beautiful drive across the bay. in the south bay two more incidents. we'll bring that you coming up. >> a live look outside. that is a spanning shot over san jose. the sun creeping up on this thursday, august 9th. this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. happy thursday. the time is 5:30. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. claims now pouring in after nearly 1,000 people sought medical help in the wake of a smoky three-alarm fire at
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chevron's richmond refinery. christie smith is live in richmond where the legal problems are just beginning for the oil giant. good morning. >> when that black cloud of smoke sat over the city of richmond people started showing up at hospitals complaining ever breathing problems and eye irritation. today we expect to learn more about this claims processing center in the city that chevron is setting up. they could open their doors as early as today. we expect to learn more about repairs to the refinery's only crude oil processing unit. so far we've not been given a timeline of when it may come back on line after monday's fire that sent a huge plume of smoke over richmond and beyond. industry experts believe that the repair could take months and that it's possible that some of the work could possibly begin today or tomorrow but only after everything is declared safe. a small fire was extinguished yesterday and we're told there are at least five separate
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investigations that will happen at the same time, trying to pinpoint the source of the leak and then the following fire. meantime, we're getting a clearer picture of the scope of the fire from the first emergency calls. >> what do you see out there? we're on the way. >> i see a large plume of white smoke which was medley followed by a plume of black smoke and flames going into the air maybe 50 to 60 feet high. >> we're on the way. >> reporter: also chevron has gone ahead and set up an 800 number to assist people who incurred medical or property-related expenses tied to the fire. 866-260-7881. there's also information available for those who need it at christie smith, "today in the bay." >> santa cruz police searching for the people responsible for a drive-by shooting that left a 13-year-old boy dead.
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it happened last night near bixby street. the teen police say is a documented gang member was shot twice in the back and died right there on the sidewalk. witnesses claim the shots came from a van with three or four men inside. police are looking for a white chrysler van with the license plate 6 nw 634. >> the battle over san francisco's controversial cell phone safety law heads to court. the city attorney's office will defend the ordinance before the 9th circuit court of appeals. two years ago san francisco was the first city to require that retailers post radiation warnings about cell phones. as a result the international wireless industry sued the city. arguments get under way at 9:00. >> new this morning, it's called the largest recycling facility in the world. and it's opening this morning in milpitas. bob redell is there live.
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he has a look inside what's going on. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. republic services recycling center you can see it's up and running right behind me has been going on for a couple of months now, doing the unveiling today. what is significant is what you mentioned is they say that this is the largest recycling operation in the world. 110 tons processed per hour for the city of san jose. 75% of this roughly commercial waste, the rest residential. johnny perkins is with services. how are you? >> fantastic. >> how do you get to this point? in terms of volume and being able to process? >> this is a great day for the community and the environment. republic services is proud to open this facility to continue our commitment to diversion and recycling to protect today's environment for a better tomorrow. our customers are excited what's
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going to go on and there twoor extra benefits. there is an economic benefit and environmental and we're proud of all of the recycling that's going to take place here. >> of all of the pearl coming through, 75 percent to 80 percent is recycled and the rest to land fill? >> correct. initially the goal was 80% diversion, but keep in mind our first goal and our pry sort recycle first, encourage our customers to reuse before putting things in the trash or at the landfill. >> looking at the 75% to 80%, how many years are we ahead? >> i think we're light years ahead. you look back 10 year there is is probably an 80/20 split. today it's at least 50-50. now we're going to see much more diversion and that is one of the goals at republic services to continue to push the envelope to
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make this more sustainable. >> thank you for getting up early. we'll have a ceremony later today, 10, noon, in that time frame. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> 5:36. protest over plastic in san francisco this morning. environment california will rally in support of a statewide ban on the single use plastic bags. the bag is being debated. supporters say it's time to end the batchwork of prohibitions around the state. banned in one city, fair in the next. californians toss an estimated 123,000 tons of plastic bags into landfills every year. >> work to keep it green. christina loren is here and we're on thursday, that means friday is around the corner. another scorching weekend. >> but it's better knowing that friday is around the corner.
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it's going to be hot, our air quult is suffering and we have elevated fire danger but with that said, starting with a live look at san francisco, old glory is starting to flap around in the breeze. you're getting the best air quality of the day right now. we put it into perspective t cars hit the highway, the evening rush will be at its worst. take a look where we ended up yesterday. add 3 to 5 degrees to these highs, that's where we're headed. livermore, 98 degrees yesterday. even walnut creek you hit 96. so, with that very hot day we actually are starting out with warm conditions. 60 degrees to start out in san jose. upper 50s in livermore and concord. we're at 64 degrees right now in fairfield. that will be one of the hottest cities, possibly 104 in fairfield so. very hot. even hotter through the central
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valley. light coastal fog. hot and hazy inland. more heat on the way. the forecast, 90 degrees at noon inland up to 102 in livermore at 4:00. 86 bay side. your full forecast reveals when we start to cool off. that's up next. first. >> your south bay pattern pretty typical. yellow on the map down to 60, not paying concern but watching the friend. we'll watch 680, the trend has been incidents at berryessa we no longer see slowing but there might be paperwork at the on ramp. so keep that in mind. an earlier incident with a truck on its side. here we have a tire in the roadway. capital expressway getting onto 680 northbound there at the on ramp. reports after truck fire. further north, just got word the big rig responsible for that tire is pulled over.
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it was a spare tire. a look at 880 through fremont, we'll see a smooth drive with taillights northbound. look at these headlights. through fremont, approaching mission, no incidents reported but a burst of traffic now at 5:40, we'll watch for this trend over the next few minutes. >> we'll check back with you. >> coming up, the republican veep stakes, the short list for mitt romney getting shorter. >> the susan g. komen for the cure foundization looking for a new ceo and president. a look at the runner-up coming up. >> a beautiful live look outside this morning. isn't it gorgeous. you can't beat it. hey, enjoy our cooler stop for this bay area morning. things are about to get hot.
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>> that is new video this morning out of syria. it appears to show an explosion going off during a funeral procession. the blast raised panic but no reports of injuries. in japan a special service to observe the 67th anniversary of the u.s. atomic bombing in nagasaki. it killed about 80,000 people, it came three days after the bombing of hiroshima the mayor warned of the danger of nuclear war and called on japan to move away from nuclear power and weapons. >> to decision 2012 and those veep stakes. the much speculated topic who is
5:41 am
going to end up on the gop ticket with mitt romney. this has become sort of a game for political observers, nbc news the political team believes the campaign has narrowed it down to three candidates. former minnesota mayor tim pawlenty -- governor tim pawlenty, gong man paul ryan of wisconsin and favorite of conservatives rob portman. portman will join romney on the tour this weekend. >> ohio's one of those states that mitt romney has to win if he is to beat president obama. it has no republican has ever won the white house without winning ohio. >> romney will visit the swing states of virginia, north carolina, and florida saturday. >> the founder of the susan g. komen for the cure group will leave her post os ceo, seven months after a decision to cut funding from planned parenthood.
5:42 am
marla tellez is live with a surprising announcement to many. >> what is surprising here is that it is not just the founder who is stepping down, the president of the susan g. komen for the cure organization announcing she is leaving altogether. we'll begin with nancy brinker. she founded the organization 30 years ago in honor of her sister susan who died of breast cancer. she is leaving her ceo post to take on a mu management role on fundraising, strategy and growth. seven months ago she was forced to defend herself and the organization itself after coming under fire for announcing the group would cut funding from planned parenthood over a government investigation. take a listen to her back in january. >> i've done this work for 32 years ever since i made the promise to susan komen, and i will do it for as long as i live. >> so brinker is staying true to her word since she's not -- just stepping down, not leaving
5:43 am
komen. the president, however, is moving on. elizabeth thompson says she'll leave the company until september. also, two komen executive board members announcing their resignation so a total of four changes in senior leadership. exactly who will fill these spots, that has yet to be announced. >> thank you, marla. it's back to the london 2012 olympic games and we'll give you a live look at london where we're going to officially say new royalty has been crowned. a couple of queens of course. kerri walsh-jennings and her partner misty may-treanor. >> the dynamic duo go out on top with a gold medal triple crown. you caught up with them after that dramatic victory so. great to watch. >> reporter: i did. it was so fun to watch whether in person or on television you really feel that energy. you know, going to a beach volleyball is a combination of
5:44 am
going to a nightclub, a raiders game and olympic event. it has all sorts of hoopla but the fans love it. take a look. >> usa! u usa! >> reporter: we heard a lot of this. usa against usa so it was all red, white and blue. this venue is probably the best venue of all of the olympics, right in the backyard of 10 downing street in london. for the match itself now, it wasn't that close. kerri walsh-jennings, misty may-treanor they beat their american counterpart from orange county in straight sets. you know what, the touching scene came after the match when kerri walsh was holding her young sons. last time she won she didn't have her sons but this time she did. she is a working mother getting support from her family and support from her family back in the bay area. >> we've seen you grow up here from saratoga to san jose to
5:45 am
stanford. how much does that support mean to you? >> i'm such a proud hometown girl. dream is to move back there with my family. if you rooted for us thank you so much. i can't tell you how much it fortifies me and gives me strength and courage. if i ever doubted i would look at tweets and get tweets from home and facebook and i had so much love. that helps you. i don't even have the words to thank everyone at home. >> reporter: thriving off of that love from back home. coming up later this morning on the 6:00 hour, kerry and misty are going to join us here in our nbc platform for more so check in with that. now we get to soccer. the gold medal match is tonight. alex morgan, the former cal star leading the charge for the americans. this should be a heck of a match, this is a rematch of last
5:46 am
year's world cup final when japan beat team usa. a lot of people focused in. we have women's volleyball today against spain, and we have the stephan sisters competing so many more bay area olympians with gold medals on the line tochblt i'm raj mathai. >> the plane is a little heavier with all of that hardware. >> i like the rematch in soccer a. chance to get back at japan for the world cup smash. >> proud to be an american. proud to be here in the bay area. they make us all look good. temperatures not going to be on the cold side. it's going to be downright hot. this is a live look. san rafael completely clear start. what is so cool about particulate matter and haze though it's bad for your lungs it makes for tremendous sun rises and sunsets. so beautiful sunrise this
5:47 am
morning. even more phenomenal sunset. if you want to see those you don't have to go outside, turn us on tonight at 5, 6 and 11, our own jeff ranieri will show those off as i'm showing off your sun rise. san jose a trip down, right now we're just starting to get those oranges, the haze t sun comes through. we get beautiful oranges and yellows. we're going to see the reds. so stay tuned for that. 55 in san francisco, 58 degrees this morning in livermore. good morning to you there. 60 in sanl jose. tomorrow morning, i wouldn't be surprise to see 70s at this time. high pressure brings our temperatures up even more so. this is an an amplifying ridge controlling the pattern for the western united states. it's not just hot here. 110, 115-degree readings in southern california. tomorrow will be the peak for us. more 100s on the map. as we kick off the work week, getting ready to kick off the
5:48 am
week. aren't you excited. i am. 102 in livermore. not excited about that. kind officy in the heat of the day. drink lots of water. check for the signs of heat exhaustion. check that out. especially if you work outside. don't overdo it. 75 in pacifica. we have the dry heat in the bay area so we're not dealing with a humidity factor yet. tomorrow it will become a factor. 77 in half moon bay. today, 85 degrees in santa cruz. one of the hottest days of the year out there in santa cruz and capitola. 100 degrees by sunday. we're going to cool off, close to 90s by wednesday. hey, we'll be done with the triple digits next week. 5:50. let's check your drive. how we doing out there? >> back to a normal pattern. 680 over the 101 interchange. those are clearing and no disruptions through san jose.
5:49 am
101, an increase in volume, we'll see slowing north of tully because of this volume of traffic. then the metering lights go on. that will start the real south bay commute. we're okay right here. the the maps show you where we have slowing. this is out of the altamont pass for westbound 580 through livermore. speeds where it's orange down to about 40 at times. then the 50s and 60s not a problem all the way through livermore. heading to 680 on highway 84, near the ge plant reports of an accident. reports of debris. it will be an issue ous head to 680. 680 through san ramon, you have a couple of lanes with construction. you might slow a bit as they get on the roadway. 24 picks up to the toll maz and the caldecott. the volume we're talking about, very light here.
5:50 am
the east shore freeway on the approach at the limit off of the carquinez bridge. across the bay on the san mateo bridge a smooth drive. picking up the volume, on the san mateo side, there is a breeze and had but it's going to get hotter so that will be the issue later on. enjoy it. i enjoy the view. back to you. >> coming up, another tech heavy weight dukes it out. >> and the coolest caller i.d. coming up.
5:51 am
5:52 am
>> 5:54. evan williams is battling neighbors over plans to demolish and rebuild his san francisco home. williams and his wife purchased the $2.9 million home last year.
5:53 am
now they want to tear it down and replace it with a more environmentally friendly home. some neighbors aren't happy because the shouse the work of a famed architect. more than 300 residents have now written to the city planning department criticizing the demolition. this isn't the first time a tech legend had to jump through hoops. steve jobs battled for year bfrs getting permission to tear down his peninsula home in 2010. >> a new type of caller i. difficult will tell you not just who is calling but why. >> this sounds wild. scott mcgrew, how can it do that? >> how can it do that. it's going to make a best guess. one of those why didn't i think of that before sort of apps called current caller i.d., somebody calls your phone, shows you their latest facebook post,
5:54 am
tweet, the weather where they are and other information so. you can answer the phone and go hey, you just had a baby, or oh, i just heard about your breakup. it makes you sound as if you care. a federal appeals court will hear a case of a sheriff's office employee in hampton county, virginia, who was fired shortly after he clicked like on facebook to support the sheriff's opponent in the election. the opponent obviously did not win, and the sheriff fired several employees shortly thereafter. facebook is supporting the employee in court arguing the like button is protected by the first amendment right for free speech. i didn't even know they did this but a kid in wisconsin has defended his title as fastest texter. lg sponsors the event. $50,000. i'm not going to -- second time
5:55 am
in two years winning. it's just typing. texting used to be you had to hit like the 3 key 3 times i don't remember what letter. that was a skill. now it's typing. >> so 2007. >> you could win one of those. this one, you're good. and fast. >> thank you. i do text a tad. 5:57. still ahead going out gold in the south bay. >> how about a san francisco bay sunrise. this is the way to go. a beautiful thing there. clouds, sun. inhale.
5:56 am
5:57 am
>> it's over in london. >> they won it last night and talking about it this morning. we go one-on-one with kerri
5:58 am
walsh and her 3-pete in london. >> a runner-up at the top. what it means for women here in the bay area. >> a sky diving trick goes wrong. >> and get ready to crank that ac inland. triple-digit heat and it's a spare the air day. we're talking about the 80s bay side, 70s at the coast and hotter days ahead. your full forecast in moments. >> a live look at your peninsula triv, 101 picking up. 101 san jose, wile show you that coming up. >> hot later today. a comfortable start now as we give you a spanning look above the clouds, that is san francisco underneath on this thursday, august 9th, "today in the bay." starts now. >> good thursday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning everybody. i'm jon kelley. we start things off this morning
5:59 am
with the london 2012 olympic games and south bay native kerri walsh. >> she and her partner scored a gold medal victory. boy, it was a good one. let's go to raj mathai. he's live in london. raj, you were lucky enough to be at the games to witness the historic olympic moment. >> reporter: i have the bags under my eyes to prove it. we were there late into the night and first thing this morning up and talking with kerri walsh and misty may-treanor. they were fine. a few hours of sleep is over rated. let's show you what happened. it was amazing. really, it wasn't even a close match. they beat their american counterparts from orange county in straight sets. bottom line they win their third consecutive olympic gold medal in beach volleyball. and the touching scene after the match. this is so special for kerri walsh. two young boys, joe and sun dance there in her arms nolebrating with her.


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